Invisible fence frameworks ensure your pets by keeping them in your yard. Since they utilize a hidden wire that transmits a flag to a neckline worn by your pet when it gets excessively near the limit, you don’t need to shut in your yard with a fence.

Search For Simple Fixes First

On the off chance that your dog goes past the limit wire of your invisible fence, check the neckline first. Now and then if the neckline is excessively free or if the contact posts aren’t touching your dog’s skin, the warning isn’t transferred to your dog when the limit wire is broken. Collars ought to be sufficiently tight that the posts contact your dog’s skin, however not all that tight that you can’t insert one finger between the posts and your dog’s neck. Check the battery top on the neckline also and fix it if fundamental.

Supplant the Batteries

Some invisible pet fences include a battery analyzer with the fence framework. Spot this on the neckline and stroll past the limit wire. If the analyzer illuminates and you hear the perceptible warning given by the neckline, the battery is functioning appropriately. In the event that you hear the warning, yet no light flashes, supplant the battery. In the event that you don’t have an analyzer, supplant the battery and convey the neckline past the limit. On the off chance that the issue was a dead battery, the neckline should work appropriately when you approach the hidden limit wire.

Investigate the Transmitter

All invisible fence frameworks have some sort of indicator light on the transmitter that appears if the framework is functioning and there is no break in the limit wire. It might be a single light that goes out when the wireis broken; an alert may likewise solid or there might be a few lights that streak. In the event that all lights go out or no warnings sounds happen, your transmitter may have encountered a lightning flood. You can fix this by resetting the transmitter.

Inspect the Boundary Wire

On the off chance that the transmitter is working appropriately, your fence framework may have a break in the limit wire. Use training banners or another sort of marker to find the break. Begin at the fence’s transmitter, which is the place the limit wires begin. Convey your beneficiary neckline at similar tallness as your dog’s neck and stroll from inside your yard toward the wiring limit. When you hear the neckline signal its warning tone, mark the area where it sounded. Rehash this from the contrary side of the limit, walking in toward your yard. The hidden wire ought to be situated somewhere between the two banners. Do this again in a few spots along the limit of the yard. Turn off your hidden fence framework and cautiously uncover the dirt between your markers to inspect the wire for breaks. On the off chance that you can’t find any breaks, contact your seller to have an expert inspect and fix the fence segments. Click here.


Once in a while, however, issues can happen with the fence frameworks. With a touch of troubleshooting, you can resolve most invisible fence issues yourself.

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