The dog fence collars are also available in the variety of types. Previously you were just aware of physical dog fence collar but these days invisible fence collars are also available. If you are first time listening about invisible dog fence collar then you will be surprised how it really works. Let’s discuss in brief what actually the invisible dog fence is and what are its pros and cons.

Invisible dog fence:

This is also termed as electric fence. This is basically a wire that is placed underground about three to four inches deep. Such wire creates a boundary that is electrically charged. In this way your dog remains within this boundary and never comes out. So without any physical fence or collar you can keep your dog within its boundaries.

Invisible dog fence uses one transmitter device that you attached at your home and a receiver that is attached to dog’s collar. There is an electric charge when your dog approaches the boundary. So it keeps it away from coming out of the limit.

Pros of invisible dog fence:

  • It becomes difficult for you to always keep and manage the physical fence or physical collar. Moreover physical dog collar is also painful for your dog. But when you choose invisible dog fence you are stress free.
  • Besides invisible dog fence also never changes your landscaping. So you can keep a particular area for your pet where it can move, walk and play easily.
  • Dog safety is always your priority so when you choose invisible dog fence your dog remains sage as no physical collar can harm it. Moreover your dog also remain safe and protected in so many other ways. For instance such invisible dog fence prevents your dog from coming out of the boundary so strangers, traffic and other such things can’t hurt him.
  • In some parts of the countries or areas there is prohibition for fencing so you can’t go for physical fences. In this way invisible dog fences are quite go to go with where no physical bars are required.
  • Installing invisible dog fence is so easy and you can install it by yourself very easily. So there is no need to get any expertise for installing invisible dog fence in your yard or garden. By just following simple instruction about electric wire you can install it easily.
  • Sometimes for the dog owners cost is another concern. There is no need to getting worried about the cost of invisible dog fence as its cheaper than the traditional fence.
  • Dog owners find this fence very help for training their dogs. As the shock teaches them not to cross the boundary. So they learn that what their area is how to stay within this limit.


  • There is a need to check the batteries of your fence regularly.
  • Installation is a time consuming process
  • Other animals can come within this boundary.

So, overall the benefits of invisible dog fence are greater than its disadvantages, and to make sure it’s true read more in our post here:

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