Every dog ought to be made familiar with the basic behavioral skills that enable him to co-exist with people. Understanding commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘do not jump’, all help him in his life with humans. Learning behavioral skills can’t begin too early, nor too late and the best-known methods today are those practiced in positive training.

So, what are positive training methods, and what makes them effective? Positive training is a fun and easy way for your dog to learn how to respond to the basic commands, teach it housebreaking, obedience, through its mistakes and practice. At the same time, you begin to learn how to understand your dog, and how to communicate with him effectively.

Positive training is effective

Positive training is also effective because your dog is not put under any stress. His lessons are fun, full of rewards, with no physical punishments to make him afraid or nervous. There are some aids to help you, using the senses, such as the clicker. A tiny noise maker, the clicker is clicked every time the dog does just what is wanted. Immediately after the click is heard, the dog is rewarded. Rewards are a big part of positive training methods. If you need more to know you can also visit our top article here. Once the dog has learned whatever behavior the clicker was being used for, the clicker is put away. He isn’t pressured into submission or becoming afraid in any way during his training, so it has a positive effect on him.

Positive Training Methods of Dog Training

The methods of positive training are by far the best methods of dog training to date, because no matter how hard they try, dog owners cannot make harmful mistakes that could traumatize their dogs like older methods. Both dog and owner learn from their mistakes, an error is not used to humiliate either.

These methods are easy for anyone to understand. They are based on friendly and loving tactics, again, unlike the old methods of negative re-enforcement. With positive methods, you can’t don’t harm your dog physically or mentally. The results add up to a happy and confident dog and owner.

Based on sound scientific principles, positive training works in a constructive way.  If you need more to know you can visit this site. There are numerous websites where you can learn about positive training methods before you try them yourself, as well as books and videos.

Socialize yourself and your dog by joining a good positive training school in your area. If that’s not possible, don’t worry, anyone can learn positive training methods. Get the treats in, the clicker in the pocket, and start reading. You and your dog are about to take your relationship to a new level!


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