Invisible dog fences are also known as underground fences or hidden fences. These invisible dog fences are very popular among those who own dogs and keep them as pets as they wish for their dogs to play and live within a confined and safe area.

An invisible dog fence is one which is made of an electric wire buried underground. If ever the dog passes the restricted area the invisible dog fence will send a weak radio signal to the collar which the dog is wearing and it will beep and then an electric shock will also come.

There is a huge variety of invisible dog fences out there and choosing the right one can be difficult as you must choose the perfect one. Good quality invisible dog fences sellers include, PetSafe, Innotek and Perimeter and many more.

Benefits of using an invisible dog fence

Some of the benefits of using an invisible dog fence are:

  • They are less expensive as compared to normal fencing no matter you hire a professional person to install it.
  • Invisible dog fences make the garden more spacious and attractive and they do not ruin the view as well because they are invisible.
  • Invisible fences are more reliable than the traditional ones as the dogs claw and jump into them and even escape through the gates.
  • Even if you have a traditional fence, an invisible dog fence can also be added for further protection.

What to consider before buying an invisible dog fence

One of the most important thing which you need to consider in buying an invisible dog fence is that you should buy that invisible fence which has a warranty of atleast one year. You should also make sure that the invisible dog fence is easy to operate for easy use. More details in this post:

Buying a study wire is an essential need as it will enable good signals. A sixteen gauge wire is very durable and reliable and does a great job. You should check the size of your dog’s neck to make sure their collar will fit to their neck. The normal collar inch for dogs is around 8 inches though some are 6 inches as well.

Once you are done with the installation of your invisible dog fence, the next thing which you need to do is to train your dog in the best possible way. The invisible dog fence comes with an easy guide to read from which you can learn all the valuable and important points in the training of your dog.


Like everything has its positives and negatives, invisible dog fences have as well. It is better for all the dog owners out there to do a thorough research and get the complete information about invisible dog fences before going out to get the invisible dog fence for their dogs. Dog owners should consult those who have bought invisible fences and have experienced how it works and how the dogs react to it and then buy it. Proper training of the dogs is also very necessary.


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