08 May


Invisible fence frameworks ensure your pets by keeping them in your yard. Since they utilize a hidden wire that transmits a flag to a neckline worn by your pet when it gets excessively near the limit, you don’t need to shut in your yard with a fence.

Search For Simple Fixes First

On the off chance that your dog goes past the limit wire of your invisible fence, check the neckline first. Now and then if the neckline is excessively free or if the contact posts aren’t touching your dog’s skin, the warning isn’t transferred to your dog when the limit wire is broken. Collars ought to be sufficiently tight that the posts contact your dog’s skin, however not all that tight that you can’t insert one finger between the posts and your dog’s neck. Check the battery top on the neckline also and fix it if fundamental.

Supplant the Batteries

Some invisible pet fences include a battery analyzer with the fence framework. Spot this on the neckline and stroll past the limit wire. If the analyzer illuminates and you hear the perceptible warning given by the neckline, the battery is functioning appropriately. In the event that you hear the warning, yet no light flashes, supplant the battery. In the event that you don’t have an analyzer, supplant the battery and convey the neckline past the limit. On the off chance that the issue was a dead battery, the … (Read the rest)

19 Nov

Advanced technology is a part of modern life, which affects all spheres of life. The dog industry has been vigorously involved in the lives of pet owners to ensure that having a pet dog is manageable. The introduction of the wireless dog fence has allowed pet owners to limit their pets within specific parameters while providing their dogs with a desirable level of freedom.

A wireless dog confinement is useful when removing chains, which could harm the pet, as well as being quite unreliable. In any case, there are various digital fences available in the market now. Going shopping is likely to bring you a good system at competitive prices.

1. How Does the System Work?

To keep your beloved dog within the site, it is suitable to invest in advanced technology. A wireless dog fence features an efficient antenna technology that allows the system to work reliably, better than other digital fences. A notable feature of this type of fence is the fact that pet owners can simply control the radius around which they want their dog to wander.

A wireless dog fence works by sending signals between the controller and the universal collar, which ensures proper control for the pet. The digital communication is completely designed to allow a precise adjustment, which facilitates the owner of the pet to configure the system in a few minutes and with ease.

2. The Area to Contain the Pet

Pet owners … (Read the rest)

29 Jun

Dog safety is a vital part of life. If you are a pet owner you must ensure your pet is safe at all times but unfortunately many owners forget safety begins as soon as the dog walks outside. The front yard or back garden can be as risky for any dog as when you take them for walks and you have to do what you can to protect them. Opting for an invisible fence can be such a wise move for those who want to bring the best defense to their pets.

The Best Defense Is a Good Dog Fence

Not sure an invisible dog fence is for your pet? To be honest, most people will say these fences are not worth the money and that their pets will still get out but in most cases, the fences won’t fail. These fences are all about keeping the dog inside the fence parameter without harming them. This is so useful and certainly it will ensure the dog is kept safe at all times. That is why more are choosing to buy these fences than ever before. They offer a lot of protection for pets and they are very useful for those who want to keep their pets safe.

It’s about Keeping the Pet Safe

Dogs are put at risk every time they leave the home and when you want to ensure they don’t leave your property it’s difficult without something secure. … (Read the rest)

22 Jan

Dog safety is vital. When your pet is kept safe and sound at home then you can feel far more comfortable allowing them outside to use the bathroom and to play. For most pet owners, they are looking into invisible fences. For dog owners, they love the idea of using a dog fence simply because it’s less costly and helps to teach the animal where the boundaries are. These invisible fences are great and work by transmitting a signal from the boundary to the collar the dog wares. That helps to keep the dog within the parameters you set out which is great. However, there are times when the fence doesn’t work so what should you do if it happens?

Put New Batteries into the Fence System

Batteries run out and it’s one of the major issues when an invisible dog fence isn’t working. Have you thought about batteries? To be honest, most people don’t think about changing the batteries over and that’s really the base of the problem. If you are finding the fence isn’t working it could be time to change over the batteries. It could be the system just needed new batteries. Once you have done this it might be that the system starts working again.

Check the Collar for Issues

Next, the collar must be checked for quality issues. It might be there are flat batteries to worry about or that the collar is far too … (Read the rest)

30 Sep

Pet owners who want to ensure that their dogs keep safe and sound would most to be expected to have a invisible dog fence installed in their house. This is really true for those people who live in districts and communities which prohibit the construction of fences. Before they have a pet containment system installed, they would obviously need to know the several advantages and disadvantages that accompany these wireless fences.

Let us enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless dog fences one by one

Advantages of the Invisible Dog Fence

1.      An in-ground or wireless pet containment system is not expensive than having to construct a physical fence around your home. And it is easier to maintain. No essential to nail down loose boards or patch up holes.

2.      Because the wire is buried under the ground (as in the case of the ground dog fence) or is wireless (as in the case of the Wi-Fi system), you do not have to deal with complaints of neighbors about unsafe physical fences.

3.      The size of the dog’s roaming area can be attuned. For those in the invisible dog fence, you only make the area larger or smaller by shortening or adding more wire. This is even at ease with a wireless system. Just complete the controller and you can create the safe zone as small as 100 feet to as large as 100 acres.

4.      You can adjust … (Read the rest)

30 Aug

Having an electric fence during the holiday season is a good time to test the effectiveness of the technology.  There are lots of pros and cons about electric fences that can be debated for hours, but the one that really matters is your personal experience.  When I go home for the holiday, it’s to my uncle’s house.  He lives on a cul-de-sac and his yard stands out, not just for the beautiful landscaping around his large house, but because his is one of the few that doesn’t have a visible fence.  Most of his neighbors have dogs and small children.  They have enclosed their yards to protect them.  My uncle has an invisible fence to keep his dogs in check.   Guests never have trouble picking his house out.

Spending time there is fun now that our grandmother lives with him. Since the death of our beloved grandfather a few years ago, we spend the holidays there and look forward to seeing her at his house now.  We miss Gramps and his corny jokes about breaking the turkey’s wishbone, and how he used to slip us kids a little taste of wine when our granny wasn’t looking.  And this year, I won’t even protest when my uncle makes us all get up and “earn” our turkey dinner by taking a walk around the block.  This is a tradition he started years ago.  We’ve learned to make it a fun part of … (Read the rest)

24 May

Owning a dog comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are some special efforts that a dog owner should take to ensure the dog proper care and safety and one of them is called invisible dog fence. They need to take all necessary initiatives that can keep the dog of the content inside the fence and that he has no problem from the outside, from other pets and their property as well as the neighbor. There are some options available that can be used to keep your dog in your yard with an invisible dog fence. There are several types of fences dogs that are used to dogs, including wooden fence, wire fence, about brick, etc. The latest trend that is widely followed by pet owners is to install a hidden dog fence. In case you also want to install this wall, then the following section will definitely prove to be helpful to you.

About hidden dog fence

Before you go through the reviews, it is very important to understand what a hidden dog fence is and how it works. Typically, about the invisible dog fence is a set of dog collar and a wire. If it is a dog fence without invisible thread, then, consists only of collar that works similarly to mobile phones. About invisible thread comes with 400 m wire length you need to bury in the backyard. The collar for dogs and this buried … (Read the rest)

01 Jun

An invisible dog fence has become a much debated tool today. For thousands of people they believe these fences cause harm to dogs while many others believe they are a necessary tool. The truth is that these fences can offer protection for dogs and humans alike. However there are many misconceptions about how invisible dog fences are used. As long as the fences are used correctly no animal should be harmed.

No Harm to Animals

Unfortunately a lot of people believe an in-ground dog fence is a cruel piece of machinery. It doesn’t always sound great but if you purchase the right fence your dog can be safe. The animal will not be harmed by the fence and even though it is given a reminder to remain within the garden perimeter it won’t actually hurt the dog. A lot of people are worried about hidden and invisible fences but most of them do not cause harm to a pet.

An Invisible Dog Fence Can Keep Your Pets Safe

Safer For Pets and People

You may not realize it but invisible fences are making it much safer for everyone. People can often be worried about passing strange dogs in case they were to bite them and dogs can often stray away from home. However most dogs don’t mean to cause any harm to people and yet they can get into so much trouble. Worst still, dogs can get hurt from other animals and even from people. You can read … (Read the rest)

27 Dec

The dog fence collars are also available in the variety of types. Previously you were just aware of physical dog fence collar but these days invisible fence collars are also available. If you are first time listening about invisible dog fence collar then you will be surprised how it really works. Let’s discuss in brief what actually the invisible dog fence is and what are its pros and cons.

Invisible dog fence:

This is also termed as electric fence. This is basically a wire that is placed underground about three to four inches deep. Such wire creates a boundary that is electrically charged. In this way your dog remains within this boundary and never comes out. So without any physical fence or collar you can keep your dog within its boundaries.

Invisible dog fence uses one transmitter device that you attached at your home and a receiver that is attached to dog’s collar. There is an electric charge when your dog approaches the boundary. So it keeps it away from coming out of the limit.

Pros of invisible dog fence:

  • It becomes difficult for you to always keep and manage the physical fence or physical collar. Moreover physical dog collar is also painful for your dog. But when you choose invisible dog fence you are stress free.
  • Besides invisible dog fence also never changes your landscaping. So you can keep a particular area for your pet where it can move,
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28 Oct

Every dog ought to be made familiar with the basic behavioral skills that enable him to co-exist with people. Understanding commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘do not jump’, all help him in his life with humans. Learning behavioral skills can’t begin too early, nor too late and the best-known methods today are those practiced in positive training.

So, what are positive training methods, and what makes them effective? Positive training is a fun and easy way for your dog to learn how to respond to the basic commands, teach it housebreaking, obedience, through its mistakes and practice. At the same time, you begin to learn how to understand your dog, and how to communicate with him effectively.

Positive training is effective

Positive training is also effective because your dog is not put under any stress. His lessons are fun, full of rewards, with no physical punishments to make him afraid or nervous. There are some aids to help you, using the senses, such as the clicker. A tiny noise maker, the clicker is clicked every time the dog does just what is wanted. Immediately after the click is heard, the dog is rewarded. Rewards are a big part of positive training methods. If you need more to know you can also visit our top article here. Once the dog has learned whatever behavior the clicker was being used for, the clicker is put away. He isn’t pressured into submission or … (Read the rest)