Pet owners who want to ensure that their dogs keep safe and sound would most to be expected to have a invisible dog fence installed in their house. This is really true for those people who live in districts and communities which prohibit the construction of fences. Before they have a pet containment system installed, they would obviously need to know the several advantages and disadvantages that accompany these wireless fences.

Let us enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless dog fences one by one

Advantages of the Invisible Dog Fence

1.      An in-ground or wireless pet containment system is not expensive than having to construct a physical fence around your home. And it is easier to maintain. No essential to nail down loose boards or patch up holes.

2.      Because the wire is buried under the ground (as in the case of the ground dog fence) or is wireless (as in the case of the Wi-Fi system), you do not have to deal with complaints of neighbors about unsafe physical fences.

3.      The size of the dog’s roaming area can be attuned. For those in the invisible dog fence, you only make the area larger or smaller by shortening or adding more wire. This is even at ease with a wireless system. Just complete the controller and you can create the safe zone as small as 100 feet to as large as 100 acres.

4.      You can adjust the corrections shocks that are applied to your dog by a link in the collar. This is very important if the collar has caused your dog burn injuries and pain.


Disadvantages of the Invisible Dog Fence

1.      Depending on the level of intelligence and pain threshold, certain dogs cannot be effectively trained to stay within the renovation area.

2.      Some dogs can try to examine the boundaries of the invisible barrier. There are several dogs that have been able to cross the boundary by just jumping vertically (the upper limit of the invisible fence where no shock is provided).


3.      Although you can keep your dogs in a safe zone, it cannot keep another dogs and animals out. This should be noted particularly if you live in an area in forests where foxes, wolves, coyotes, raccoons, and others are so many. It cannot also keep out dog thieves.

4.      If you have an invisible dog fence, a rat might dig up the wire and chew on it, leaving the barrier to disappear. Because the wire is too long, it will be very hard to find where the cut section is.

5.      Several pet owners have been asserted that if their dog is challenged by another dog, they would charge outside of the boundary, outwardly ignoring the shock. But then the dog would refuse to go back in the safe zone as it is afraid to be shocked.

6.      Many people would find it difficult to see your dog running easily inside your yard without any observable barrier. Some will even be afraid that your dog might bite them or your children. In these cases, it is advisable to put a sign that you have an invisible dog fence in your home.

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