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Welcome to PixC Havanese and Havana Silk Dogs.

We wish to welcome you into our site and home.

We are a small group of family and friends of breeders of Havanese in Central Alberta.

Our goal is to produce absolutely the best temperment, health and structure in our Havanese. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets. They are also our show dogs, agility dogs, obedience dogs, therapy dogs and friends.

We believe that the Havanese we produce should be capable of doing almost any activity you wish to pursue.

We offer a lifetime health guarantee against any genetic illnesses. How can we do this? It's quite simple. We only breed from fully health tested dogs, which themselves are from health tested lines. We accept no compromise in producing pups that we expect to live long and healthy lives.

We also offer a lifetime buyback. We do this so that we can rehome any dog no longer able to live with it's purchasers. We are responsible for any puppy we produce for the rest of it's life. End of story.

More exciting news!!!! Blossom and Ahi puppies arrived 26 June 2012. Please email us for more information.

I apologize to people on my list for puppies. I lost your information when my harddrive crashed. Please contact me if you are still interested in a puppy.

If you wish to contact us please email us or contact
Chris at (403) 342-4444.

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